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Bermuda Triangle- A mystery for decades


The Bermuda Triangle or the Dead Triangle is a mystical region of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico is the area where many ships and airplanes vanish into thin air or deep water. For years, the Atlantic Ocean’s mystic Bermuda Triangle has captured the human imagination with the unexplained disappearance of ships, planes, and even people.

Origin of the mystical place

This term Bermuda Triangle was created in 1964 by writer Vincent Gaddis in the magazine Argosy. Charles Berlitz, whose family created the famous series of language instruction courses, also had a strong curiosity for mystical things. He believed in the existence of Atlantis, but also that it was linked with the deadly triangle in some way, a theory that he proposed in his bestselling 1974 book The Bermuda Triangle. The mystery has since been published in many books, magazines, television shows, and thousands of websites.

Popular Happening

After gaining fame in the whole world as the first person to sail solo around the globe, Joshua Slocum was disappeared on a 1909 voyage from Martha’s Vineyard to South America. However, it’s still unclear exactly what happened, many sources later made a connection of his death with the Bermuda Triangle which is also called a dead triangle.

Theories related to the Bermuda Triangle

In all the prospects, however, there is no single theory that solves this mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. As one pessimist put it as making an effort to find the main cause behind the mystic disappearance of objects and human beings in the Bermuda triangle is no more logical than just making an effort to find a cause for every automobile accident in Arizona. Probably, bad weather, storms, or poor navigation can cause some challenges there. Marine insurance leader Lloyd’s of London does not find the Deadly Bermuda Triangle as  especially disastrous place.

An unresolved mystery from decades

Over the years, many theories have come out that explain this deadly mystery. Some writers have also laid upon Berlitz’s ideas about Atlantis, proposing that there may be a mystic city under the sea and be using its apparent “crystal energies” to sink ships and planes. Other more exotic suggestions include time portals and extra-terrestrials, also including hearsay of underwater alien bases.

But still, some writers believe that these statements lie in some kind of rare and not very much familiar but a natural geological version or an explanation.

Factors making mysteries of Bermuda Triangle

Methane Gas

For example, maybe ships and planes are destroyed and vanished by combustible methane gas which exists in a very large amount under the sea; perhaps bolt or an electrical spark ignited a huge bubble of combustible methane gas that came to the upper side right next to a ship or plane, causing them to sink even without a tiny part or a mark. Water density is not that capable of providing sufficient buoyancy for ships to keep floating. There are a few main sensible, and logical problems with this theory, such as that flammable methane gas exist naturally round the globe. Such an incident has never been reported or heard. The effects of such explosions are also consistent with reports which include many of mists, foamy water, large oil slicks, and changes in ship lightness.


Some hypothesize that some unknown forces are responsible for such puzzling disappearances, like extra-terrestrials seizing of humans for study purposes; the effect of the lost continent of Atlantis; Cyclones or tropical storms that take with them every single ship plane or human being into another side; and other fancy puzzling ideas.  Some descriptions are more into science, if not in evidence.  These include such as oceanic flatulence, which means the eruption of flammable methane gas from the ocean and some kind of disturbance in geomagnetic lines of flux.

Environmental Considerations

Environmental factors could explain many, if not all, then most of the disappearances.  Many of the Atlantic tropical storms, typhoons, hurricanes pass through the Dead Triangle, and in the days before the improved and better weather forecasting, these hazardous, dangerous storms and hurricanes claimed many ships.  Also, the Gulf Stream can cause sudden, sometimes intense, changes in weather.  Moreover, the large number of islands in the Caribbean Sea creates many areas of shallow water that can be a  big risky situation for ship or plane navigation. And there is some proof that suggests that it is the only place on the earth where the compass points towards the true north, not towards the magnetic north.

Rogue Ripples

While someone is slouching along in a boat, rising and falling in the crib of the deep ocean, just enjoying the sun rays, sea, and the wind when suddenly a giant rogue wave pops up, and your boat sinks in. As a fact, this does happen in the deadly Bermuda triangle, but this also happens in all the seas around the world. After human errors, the most valid description for mysterious disappearances that occur in the deadly Bermuda triangle.

No Super Natural Explanations about Mysterious place

The United States Navy and Coast Guard assure that there are no puzzling descriptions for such hazardous incidents at sea.

Their experience suggests that together both the forces of nature and human errors perform the most disbelieving science fiction. Moreover, there are no formal maps that show the border of the Bermuda Triangle. The U. S. Board of Geographic Names does not view the Bermuda Triangle as an official name and also does not keeps a file of that region.

The ocean has always been a strange place for humans, and when there is bad weather or poor navigation, and then it can also be a dangerous place. This is true all around the world.  There is no such claim that these mysterious happenings occur with any higher frequency in the Dead Sea than in any other such large, more traveled part of the ocean.

Airline industry & Bermuda Triangle

Considering the superstition around the Bermuda Triangle, many people think that airline pilots avoid this specific area of the ocean. An eye on Flight radar 24 will show that many planes crisscross over the Bermuda Triangle, so it is clear that the area is not actively avoided.

In terms of map-reading, planes are constantly monitored by air traffic control, so pilots need not worry in case of any kind of navigation failure. Weather conditions are also closely tracked and are kept into focus every time a plane is scheduled to take off. Accidents, of course, still happen, but not so much so than in other parts of the world.

Looking over, Bermuda Triangle conspiracy theories, in general, is more of a paranormal tracking than a scientific one, so if any pilots do avoid the area above the Bermuda Triangle, they probably have more interest in the supernatural or UFOs. While entertaining these mystical theories can certainly be fun, you can rest assured that the airline industry doesn’t plan its flights’ routes around campfire stories.

Summarizing all, there is no evidence that there is some natural power that disappears the ships or planes. There can be a bunch of reasons behind such actions. The number of ships disappeared was also exaggerated because of some sloppy research.


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